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Meet Dave Lenehan, My Car Guy

Meet Dave Lenehan, My Car Guy

5th August 2021
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Dave Lenehan (Lenny), with a background in the financial services sector then began selling cars in the retail sector at one of Australia's largest automobile companies.

After becoming frustrated with the heavy sales pitch environment associated with new car sales. He saw an opportunity in the industry to start up his own car buying service business for one of Australia's largest finance platforms, which resulted in starting his business Platinum Fleet.

He was a director of Platinum Fleet for 11 years, where he grew the customer base and dealer network dramatically. Assisting hundreds of clients every year traverse the car buying process. Each dealer was vetted to ensure quality customer service and communication to relieve previous frustrations encountered by the public in the past.

A car enthusiast himself, he has a penchant for old cars and has a 8 seat 76 VW Kombi, which he uses daily as his family car to travel with his 3 kids and also 71 VW Beetle, which is currently in the process of being restored. He also has a VW Amarok as a mobile office as he spends a fair amount of time on the road during business hours.

In 2018 Dave left the platform network and in 2019 My Car Guy was born with the name reflective of his reputation and experience.

My Car Guy does not deal in the retail sector when sourcing cars. We deal directly with dealer principals, fleet & corporate departments and can access stock and pricing not regularly available. All while being available for conversations around my client's needs from start to finish.

Dave loves what he does, fortunate to drive many different vehicles daily and have an extensive database of clients & referral partners. Part of getting to drive so many different cars kindly provided by his network of dealers allows him to grow his knowledge of new vehicles to market and research what will work for his client's needs, be that for their family or work purposes. He works daily to provide information for making informed decisions: for Business, Families, Construction, Commercial and 4x4, P Platers, and anyone wanting a vehicle for every purpose.

My Car Guy aims not to assist one client in buying one car but to help our clients purchase multiple vehicles over many years and build a relationship built on trust! Dave is always available on the phone and by email and does not conform to normal working hours! The AirPods are always in his ear!!

My Car Guy also has a complete retail & wholesale NSW car dealer licence for used cars in Sydney's Forest Lodge. We facilitate the entire process of delivery. Handle trade-in of existing vehicles, arrange delivery logistics to our client's door nationwide with a collection of existing cars at handover and ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish.

We love talking cars at My Guy Guy. So feel free to give Dave or Lenny as he is affectionately known, a call at any stage for a chat 0408 435 559

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