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Apple Car Play and Android Auto units

Apple Car Play and Android Auto units

8th December 2021
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Thinking of buying a 2nd hand vehicle, buy with My Car Guy.

So as part of business, My Car Guy trade in existing vehicles when we assist and clients with their new car requirements.

A regular occurrence is to update the technology infotainment system with Apple Car Play/Android Auto units.

They do this for several reasons. Mainly so their customers no longer need to touch their phones when driving as no one needs 5-demerit points! Apple Car Play also brings Sat Nav, Music Streaming, Reverse Camera's, Voice to text and Bluetooth phone calls, all controlled via "Hey Siri" should you wish!

Bringing new technology to slightly older cars makes sense, keeps clients safe, and demerits point-free.

My Car Guy has a long-standing relationship with Strathfield Car Radio, who are the best in the business to ensure this work is seamless and the safety and technological benefits are on point! Strathfield Car Radios

My Car Guy! Making Car Buying easy. If you’re looking to buy 2nd hand vehicle for your newly appointed P-plater and want safety as paramount, give Lenny a call 1300 510 144 to talk through the best options for their first car!

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